• "...the bulk of new biofuel production needs to come from advanced biofuels (algae, cellulosic)."

    The International Energy Association
    April 2011
  • "The Saudi assistant petroleum minister had expressed concern that Saudis could be "greened out" of the U.S. fuel market by biofuels like ethanol."

    James Smith
    U.S. Ambassador to Saudi Arabia, 2010.
  • "...this legislation would also ensure progress made to commercialize advanced ethanol technologies utilizing new feedstocks... is accelerated."

    The American Coalition for Ethanol, Growth Energy, the National Corn Growers Association, and the Renewable Fuels Association
    May 2011
  • "...what would happen to US gasoline prices if ethanol production came to an immediate halt. Under a very wide range of parameters, the estimated gasoline price increase would be of historic proportions, ranging from 41% to 92%."

    Center for Agricultural and Rural Development Iowa State University
    April 2011
  • "Another substitute for oil that holds tremendous promise is renewable biofuels...made from things like switchgrass, wood chips, and biomass."

    President Obama
    March 2011
  • "I'm a big supporter of biofuels. But one of the things that's become clear is, is that we need to accelerate our basic research in ethanol and other biofuels that are made from things like woodchips..."

    President Obama
    July 2011

Woodland Biofuels Selected as GoingGreen Global 200 Winner


Toronto, Ontario, September 14, 2011Woodland Biofuels, a leading cellulosic ethanol company, has made the 2011 GoingGreen Top 200 for being one of the most promising private greentech companies on the planet.  Inclusion in the GoingGreen Global 200 signifies industry leadership and a game-changing technology that is likely to disrupt existing markets and entrenched players. Woodland was selected by the AlwaysOn editorial team and industry experts spanning the globe based on a set of five criteria: innovation, market potential, commercialization, stakeholder value, and media buzz.


Woodland will be honored at the GoingGreen Silicon Valley Venture Summit on September 27th, 2011, in an award ceremony to take place at San Francisco City Hall.


“This year’s winners clearly represent some of the highest-growth opportunities we’ve seen in the private company marketplace and underscore that many of the greentech sectors VCs have been betting on are booming,” said Tony Perkins, founder and editor of AlwaysOn.


The GoingGreen Global 200 winners were selected from among thousands of domestic and international greentech technology companies nominated by investors, bankers, journalists, and greentech industry insiders.  The AlwaysOn editorial team conducted a rigorous three-month selection process to finalize the 2011 list.


Woodland's patented technology can produce sustainable fuels from virtually any type of biomass, including wood waste, agricultural waste and municipal waste. The technology generates no toxic emissions and eliminates the need to use food, such as corn, to produce ethanol.


“The GoingGreen Global 200 award is another indication that Woodland is emerging as a leader in the biofuels industry.  We look forward to the completion of our large demonstration facility in 2012, which we expect to show that Woodland will be the lowest cost producer of automotive fuel in North America,” said Greg Nuttall, President & CEO of Woodland.

About Woodland

Woodland is a global leader in the move to sustainable, renewable, clean fuel. Woodland's technology eliminates the use of food to make ethanol by converting any kind of biomass (wood waste, crop waste, and more) into ethanol or other high value products


About AlwaysOn

AlwaysOn is the leading business media brand networking the Global Silicon Valley. AlwaysOn helped ignite the social media revolution in early 2003 when it launched the AlwaysOn network.  The AlwaysOn network and live event series continue to lead the industry by empowering its readers, event participants, sponsors, and advertisers like no other media brand.


Greg Nuttall, President & CEO

Woodland Biofuels Inc.

t. 905.670.5502, ext. 404