• "...the bulk of new biofuel production needs to come from advanced biofuels (algae, cellulosic)."

    The International Energy Association
    April 2011
  • "The Saudi assistant petroleum minister had expressed concern that Saudis could be "greened out" of the U.S. fuel market by biofuels like ethanol."

    James Smith
    U.S. Ambassador to Saudi Arabia, 2010.
  • "...this legislation would also ensure progress made to commercialize advanced ethanol technologies utilizing new feedstocks... is accelerated."

    The American Coalition for Ethanol, Growth Energy, the National Corn Growers Association, and the Renewable Fuels Association
    May 2011
  • "...what would happen to US gasoline prices if ethanol production came to an immediate halt. Under a very wide range of parameters, the estimated gasoline price increase would be of historic proportions, ranging from 41% to 92%."

    Center for Agricultural and Rural Development Iowa State University
    April 2011
  • "Another substitute for oil that holds tremendous promise is renewable biofuels...made from things like switchgrass, wood chips, and biomass."

    President Obama
    March 2011
  • "I'm a big supporter of biofuels. But one of the things that's become clear is, is that we need to accelerate our basic research in ethanol and other biofuels that are made from things like woodchips..."

    President Obama
    July 2011

Demonstration Plant

Woodland's demonstration plant is an integrated end-to-end biomass-to-ethanol operation. The plant is located in Sarnia, Ontario at the Bio Industrial Innovation Centre.  Construction is now complete and operations have begun.  The plant has successfully produced ethanol from waste biomass and, equally important, plant operations confirm that Woodland is one of the lowest cost producers of automotive fuel globally.  Operation of the demonstration plant has achieved a number of objectives:

  • Confirmed targeted operating metrics, including industry leading low cost of production;
  • Tested various forms of feedstock; and
  • Optimized plant performance for the purpose of commerical plant operations.